Sunday, March 18, 2012

Etsy love

If you have never gone to Etsy - you need to go.

I have used Etsy for personalizing things for years.  It is where I got many of ornaments for the Jesse Tree.  I have gotten a lot of personalized things for the kids from there.  (Since their names are unique - I have to be creative with school stuff)  It is where I got the keychains for Finley's Fighters.

Love, love, love, Etsy.

Today I was on there looking around after I saw on the OTHER addictive site - Pinterest - some really cute Disney hand made dresses.  They were so cute.

this is one of my favorites from One Two Three Shop on Etsy

Isn't it AWESOME?  I love it.  Finley is such a girly girl - I found a ton of cute dresses.  I have a friend as well that makes these, and she told me she could make me anything for Finley.  So Finley will be stylin this year on vacation.

Today, Finley's playdate got canceled when the little girl got sick, and so she played with the neighbor girls while Mat, Arlington, Arlington's friend "C", and Cainan all went bowling.  They had a great time this afternoon.

Then this evening we went to see some goldendoodle puppies.  I forgot how small Scooby was, and these dogs are 4 weeks older than he was when we brought him home.  They are 11 weeks old, and just adorable.  We found a puppy that seemed like a good match for Scooby.  We took him a long with us so he could sniff the dogs and see how he reacted to a small puppy clawing at him all the time.  He did well.  We will see how he does when the puppy is on his own turf.

Yes, we are insane.  Yes, we are bringing a second dog into our home.  We know many people who have two dogs, and have had nothing but positive things to say about it.  Yes for awhile it is going to be a bit crazy.  But we have a big house, a 4 acre lot in the country, and I am home.  If I was working, we wouldn't have even gotten the first puppy.

Scooby is the best dog.  Goldendoodles are known for their calm manner, being easily trained, being great with other pets, being great with kids, etc.  Golden retrievers and Poodles are the number 2, and number 3 best dogs, and number 1, and number 2 best dogs with kids.  So we couldn't go wrong.  This dog won't get any bigger than Scooby. 

And his name will be Shaggy. 

Wednesday we pick him up.  The kids are excited.  Don't judge me. :)  I am already in the insane asylum.  What's one more inmate?

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