Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today is a full moon.

I should probably end the post now.  The dog is crazy.  The kids are crazy.  I spring cleaned Finley's room.....


Tomorrow I am taking Finley and Arlington to the dermatologist.  Arlington has this little blood blister on her lip that has been there for months.  The pediatrician suggested we have it looked at.  I am taking Finley because she is moley.  Is that a word?  Probably not.  She has a mole on her back, right on her pants line that is raised, and it bothers her.  She will not be pleased if it needs to be removed.

I have been having trouble with my knee again.  Some of you might remember that about a year ago the stupid treadmill fell on me while I was moving it and hit my knee so perfect that it caused fluid build up.  I had it drained, and then all was well.  And then about a month or so ago, the fluid came back.  So I am going next week to have it drained again.  Sucks to get old.

Scooby is not doing well in puppy school.  The last two weeks he has decided he wasn't interested in being a good dog.  He wants to be a crazy dog that doesn't sleep one wink during the day and shoves toys into my face 300,000 times a day.  He rocks.  He is lucky he is cute.  Tonight at puppy school he was very jumpy and excited.  Ah puppy hood.

I had an interesting conversation with Cainan's teacher today.  She contacted me last week about some concerns that she had about his behaviors in class.  He is not being bad or disrespectful, but he is being inattentive.  As many of you know, we have concerns about Cainan - always have.  He is a great kid, but he came from a hard start, and he is behind in a lot of areas - due to no fault of his own.  And now that is starting to catch up with him at school.  Cainan just wants to play.  He is having to be redirected often to work.  He misses a lot of directions because he is watching around him instead of listening to the teacher.  All things we know about him, but that weren't presenting in school before these last couple of weeks.

So......the teacher recommends he goes to transitional next year.  And in all honesty - I am okay with that.  Actually, I think I prefer it.  I think he needs time to catch up so that he can show the world what he can do.  He is very capable.  But he needs time.  He needs another year, I think, to really reach his chronological age.  To me, he is more of a 4 year old than a 5 year old.  He was 14 months when he came home from the orphanage, and he was really more like a newborn.  He had to be taught everything.  So I have always seen him as a year younger maturity age than Finley.  And it seems to be showing up in school now too.

Mat is not sold, of course.  He isn't as concerned about it as he was for Finley because it isn't quite the shock that was, but he still isn't in love with the idea.  Mostly because he is worried it will be a waste.  But I don't agree.  I think what Cainan needs is time. 

What to do now.  Keep them together and keep them both back??  Hmmmmmm.  Tuesday is the transitional parent meeting with the principal and transitional teacher.  I am looking forward to going to that and hearing what they have to say and what questions the other parents have.  Hopefully it will help us make a decision.

Decisions, decisions.  Like we didn't have enough going on. 

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