Thursday, March 22, 2012


Arlington has started playing lacrosse.  This year they actually have uniforms and play real games, so this should be interesting.
She is really liking it.  With two practices a week until the season starts, hopefully that will give her the skills she needs to start playing a game.  Lacrosse rules are really complicated.
I am glad she wanted to play again this year. 

I took Finley, Cainan, and Shaggy along with me to the lacrosse practice.  Scooby stayed behind for some peace and quiet.  He was at the groomers today, and they shaved him down because it is getting so hot.  He needed to rest from the tragedy.

 Mat was at a late meeting at the Connecticut Pfizer site, so I had to take the gang with me.
The littles were really good.  The played a game with Arlington's lacrosse ball the whole hour.

And a little girl from Cainan's class was there watching her sister, so she came over to play with them.  They had a great time, and were dirty and tired by the time we left.
On the way home, Cainan and Finley were having a conversation about who their best friends were in class.  Cainan has a couple little boys he loves to play with - same names I hear every day.  Then he said to Finley, "but my very best, best, best friend is 'A'".  I looked at him - I have never heard this "A" name before.  And it was a girl name.  So I asked him about her.  He said they play together on the playground, but not in class.  I asked him how that made her his best friend above the two boys?  He said, and I quote, "because she is a pretty".

Okay then.

It gets better.  He also said, "I like when she wears her hair down and it sits on her shoulders.  And she likes my hair longer, so I won't be needing that haircut."

I died right there.

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The Kovalls said...

Go, Cainan - ladies man :-)