Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shaggy and other news

Today we picked up our new puppy, Shaggy.
 He is, of course, very cute.  He is about 10 pounds.  He is 12 weeks old today.  Birthday is January 4th.  Dad is a white poodle, and mom is a pure English Golden.
 He and Scooby are identical in color.  They have the same dad, but different moms.
He looks like he might be a little smaller than Scooby when he is full grown, but it is hard to tell.  He is fatter than Scooby was at this age.  He likes to eat.  And drink.  Which causes him to pee every 15 minutes.
He has already gotten the nickname fatso.
We came home and it was as if the neighborhood kids could smell that cute puppy smell.  We had all the kids over to play with Shaggy and Scooby.  It was a beautiful day outside, so I am glad they were all out there.  Shaggy did well - doesn't seem to be shy at all.  He is calm, and quiet, but followed us and Scooby around all day.
This evening he and Scooby are playing quite a bit.  And we found them sitting together too.  I think they are going to be good buddies.  Scooby seems to really like him.  Scooby spends quite a bit of time with other dogs, and will play with anyone.  He can be beyond tired, but will keep going if there is another dog to play with.
Such is the case with Shaggy.  Neither one of them has laid down for more than 10 minutes tonight.  That puppy has to be tired, but he just keeps playing with Scooby.
We gave him a bath, because as you know, I don't like dog smell.  He is now smelling much better.  Welcome to the family, Shaggy.  You will get a bath every week.  More often if you discover mud.


In other news, Arlington had an amazing report card.  She got almost all "Exceeds" across the board with a few "Mastered".  And she has improved her organization/neatness grade which was huge.  She got a special treat for that.  Amazing report card, we were really proud.

Lacrosse practice has started this week for Arlington.  She will have Lacrosse practice twice a week for an hour.  She is already enjoying it.  They have enough girls to make two teams, so a great turnout.  Softball and Tee-ball will be starting soon as well.  Spring gets crazy.
We have been enjoying the gorgeous record breaking heat this week.
  The kids are so happy to be outside.  Flowers are popping up all over, and the beginnings of our perennials are peeking through the ground.  I am anxious to see what flowers survived my big transplant last year.
 Cainan is still enjoying his lego class.  They have been building some pretty cool things in there, and he talks non-stop about it.  I am glad he is having fun.

 I think that catches us up.  Tomorrow, Scooby has a hair cut appointment and Shaggy is going to the vet for his first appointment.  Tomorrow night, Arlington has lacrosse practice.  We don't have a single free evening now during the week.  Yay.............

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