Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winter pictures

I took some pictures last week when we had our big snow.  Well - big this year, since we haven't had much.

They had a great time outside with the neighbor kids.  They were out there for several hours.  And believe it or not - Cainan stayed outside the longest.

Also - I am setting up a site for our upcoming Summer race - August 25th, 2012.  Finley's Fighters 5K/10K/1mile fun run.  Put it on your calendars right now.  Go ahead.....I will wait........

The website is:

It is up and running and eventually, it will be a place you can go and register AND PAY online - if you want.  We will still be doing the race brochures/registration forms like we did last year.  This will just be another option for everyone if you want to pay by credit card.  We wanted to step it up a little bit this year.

So anyway - check it out.  Beginning details for those of you who would like to come!

Enjoy the pictures:

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