Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roller Skating

This afternoon we took the kids roller skating.  It has been a few months since we have gone, and it showed for a little while.  Especially Cainan.  He didn't seem to remember what to do at all.  by the end he was much better, but how easily he forgot!

I took a few little videos of them skating.  It is hilarious to watch - especially Finley.  She is a skating maniac.
 Enjoy the few little videos from our day.  Sorry about the poor quality.  It was really dark in the rink and I just had my little bloggie camcorder.  If you click on the bottom right hand corner of the video, you can make it full screen size.

Finley started out with the little help:
Then she got a bit faster:
And a little braver:
Arlington has been doing really well.  She has been able to skate without much assistance.

But she is still our cute little clumsy girl.  She was looking behind her and ran right into a wall at one point.
Cainan has always been our most "unsure" child.  He didn't remember what it felt like to be on the skates, and he got nervous, and that stopped him from remembering what to do.  For an hour.  He finally was able to push himself around the rink by the end of our skating session, so it started to come back to him.

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