Friday, March 30, 2012


Spring has started.  Last week, Mother nature decided to tease us with 80 degree days, and the flowers came out in full bloom.  Then this week, she thought she would get funny again and give us two nights of freezing temps. and throw snow into the forecast.

Very funny M.N., very funny.

Tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to snow.  Of course it is because our town is holding its annual Easter Egg hunt tomorrow morning.   All those cute little Easter dresses under mounds of snow clothes.  How festive.

This weekend is proving to be a busy one in the Pletcher house hold.  Tomorrow is the Easter egg hung and pancake breakfast.  Then Finley has Kumon.  Arlington and I are going to do some shopping in the afternoon for their Easter outfits and a birthday present for a party on Sunday.

Sunday Arlington has a softball clinic to divide the girls into teams for this year.  Then Finley has a birthday party.  Then Finley has a small piano recital.

I don't mind a busy weekend every now and then.  And since the weather is not going to be stellar, it is best to keep the kids busy with different activities.  I am dying to get out into the yard and tend to the plants and decide where my new plants will be going.  I am excited for the flowers to start to bloom, and the trees to get their leaves back.  I am tired of my wardrobe.  The kids are tired of wearing sweaters and long pants.  We want warm weather!  We want sunny days!  We want Mother Nature to make up her mind what season it is.

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