Sunday, March 4, 2012

Casino reminder

The Finley's Fighters Casino trip to the Rivers is coming up at the end of this week.  Friday, March 9th is the trip!  We are filling up the second bus, but have a few seats left.  Call and make your reservations.  WE really want to have two full buses go on the trip.

And remember - if you cannot ride the bus, you can meet the group there. You still have to let my mom or myself know that you are meeting us there because we have to give the casino a final head count.  If you do meet us there, here are your instructions: On the main floor of the casino you need to look for signs that say buses- it is toward the back.  If you have any trouble any of the employees can help you.  This is the spot where people gather to meet their buses and where they will let us off.  It is also where you get your players card and the vouchers- you just needs to be somewhere in that area.  You will see our buses pull in- we plan to arrive at 6:00 and there will be 2 Nelson Coach buses.

So join us!  These trips are great fundraisers for our foundation and so we appreciate you going along.  And they are great fun.  We have quite a few regulars on these trips because they have a great time.  You get $20 of your $25 cost BACK!!!  Can't be beat!

See you Friday!

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