Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Finley's Fighters product for sale

Our Finley's Fighters keychains/pendants are in!
And they are fantastic.  I cannot believe how nice they are.  We ordered them from Sima Designs on Etsy, and she hand carved each one.  Amazing.

We are selling them fro $4/each.  I am going to give quite a few to my mom and mother-in-law for the Pennsylvania crowd.  If you live near me here in Massachusetts - I can get them to you!  And Connecticut folks, it looks like we might be having a get together in a few weeks - I can bring yours then.

This is a great fundraiser for us, and we are excited to offer something different.  They are really unique.  The braille word on the front says "fight".  And you are all fighting along with us.
Spread the word!  If you want one, you can leave me a comment, email me at, or let me know on facebook.  We can mail them out - no problem.

Get yours today!

Thanks for your support.

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