Friday, March 9, 2012

What a day

Today was great.

Although - it didn't start out that way.  This morning Arlington woke up with a fever, a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and a stomach ache.  No school for her.  She parked herself on the couch and didn't move much all day.  Motrin did help a bit, but she didn't feel like eating much today or doing much.  Hopefully a good night's sleep will help and she will be feeling better tomorrow.

The day did get better from there.  This afternoon, we got contacted from Marble Road - the producers of the rare book project/video project ("When the Lights Go Out") we did a few weeks ago.  We found out we were the WINNERS of that contest.  We couldn't believe it!  Mat worked really hard on that book, and Finley worked so hard on all the pictures she drew.  So out of the 12 finalist, it came out on top.  And the video (our video is #2 on that page if you want to watch it again) helped!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the video, saw the video, commented on the video, and read the book - we couldn't have done it without you!
 We are getting a phone call this weekend from the head of the project to go over the details, so once we know what is next, we will share.  We know they are making a donation to our foundation, which is pretty awesome.  That check will be in our foundation account early next week.  But he needs to go over some other details, so we will share what we find out after we have that conversation.

Also - our local congresswoman - Congresswoman Tsongas - is going to sign on the the Creating Hope Act after meeting with Mat is Washington DC and Mat giving her information on Finley, and LCA.  Persistence - and sweet little kid pictures - really work!

And tonight, Cainan lost his first tooth!  He was fooling around with his mouth after school and then told me he thought his tooth was loose.  And it was very loose.  He wiggled and fooled with it for the better part of the evening, and right before bed it fell out.  He was very excited.

So tonight he will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy.  Finley was a little sad that none of her teeth are loose.  Knowing her she will try pulling one out just to catch up.
What a great day.  Lots of excitement.  And more to come......
says the dog who needs a hair cut.

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