Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun weekend

This weekend was crammed full of events and fun.  I have taken a lot of pictures, so I am going to spread them out over a few days to make it easier.
Today, I am exhausted from all the fun, so I am going to just share a few.  I was so glad to have my sister in law Tricia, my nephews "E" and "J" and my mom in for a long weekend.  We had a packed weekend and tonight everyone was ready for bed.
Friday while the kids were at school, we took the little ones to a local indoor playground (since mother nature decided to make it cold and rainy) and it was a blast.  The kids played there for a few hours before it was time to come home for lunch and naps.  I am glad we went.

Friday night we had a Finley fundraiser, and I will share that tomorrow.  I will give you this great bit of news though.  The fundraiser raised $1000 for our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  We were so excited!

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