Monday, May 28, 2012

Where we left off

So - it has been days and days.  I miss lounging on the couch with my laptop in the evenings, watching TV and pinning things on Pinterest at the same time.......  Verizon needs to get its act together and figure out what is going on with our wireless.

So - last we spoke, Finley was going for a vision rehabilitation appointment.  Here they take a better look at her central vision, and can tell us what they think will work and will not work for her at this stage of the game.  We did get more information on exactly where she is seeing, and after reviewing, it does make sense.  I really loved the doctor.  She was patient and kind to Finley and took her time.  We talked about what her thoughts were for Finley for things to use at school.  She wanted her to have a CCTV (which allows her to enlarge things, like the board, books, etc. with a camera and TV set up), and make braille and listening libraries at least 60-70% of her learning medium.  She felt that print is just going to be harder and harder as she starts to read chapter books, so she would like to see her switch over to more braille next year, and listening when her eyes were tired.  And she said to let Finley guide us, too, in when reading print is just becoming too hard.

She did try, like everyone else, to see if any type of glasses would improve her peripheral vision, but - of course - none were found.  We did find that her left eye is worse than the right  - which is kind of new, but not surprising.  Both eyes open, she is about 20/100.  So that wasn't bad.  She has been pretty consistent over the last year.

The appointment wasn't terribly long - just a little over 2 hours, so we were home in the early afternoon.  Cainan spent the day at Kindergarten, so Finley got some alone time.  She loved that.  Mat and I had more time to discuss what was going to on with her next year, at this point, and we were going to wait and see what came of the "ranking" of students who were screened for transitional and then see what we were offered.

On Friday - I worked at Finley's and Cainan's school in the health office.  I haven't been in for awhile, so it was great to see the kids.  It was Carnival Day for the second graders, so I dealt mostly with minor injuries and very wet clothes (thanks to super soakers).  The kids had a blast.

During my work day, I had a chance to talk with the principal.  He came in to see me during a laul in traffic to my office, and wanted to know my feelings for next year.  His biggest concern were my feelings about separating Finley and Cainan by a year.  And honestly, I am the most okay with this aspect.  I would not want to push (or hold back) one of them just to keep them together.  I would regret it later if in any way reflected badly down the line.  So - I am really okay with them being separated.  They are not biological twins, so I think that helps.

Then he and I talked about Finley's supports.  He really wants to see Finley go to first grade next year and he feels with the right teacher, she will be fine.  And I MOSTLY agree.  Part of me wants to give her another year to catch up in braille, and get a little more confident.  But part of me wants to see her move on.  He was basically telling me that unless we really REALLY wanted to push for her to be in transitional, the program is so tight.  They have so many kids that really need to go.

So, after a long talk, we left it like this:  If there becomes room in transitional (say a lot of parents say no thank you) she will go to transitional.  If not, she will go to first grade.  And even then, repeating first grade, if necessary, stays on the table.  That was something he, Mat and I could agree on.

So now we wait.  We only have 17 days of school left.  I want to visit a first grade classroom.  I want to know soon who her teacher is going to be, so we can meet before the end of school.  I have a lot of wants - if this new reality is going to happen.  That way, by the time we got to her IEP next week - we have everything in place ready to go.

It is never easy being a parent.  Like the principal told me (kindly) - I am going to worry no matter where she goes.  It is true.  I worry about her more than the other two, but I want to make sure all of my kids are in a good place.  When they are out of your sight, you always worry.  But I think I will worry a little LESS if by June 7th, we have a definite plan for next year sitting in front of me.

Let's see if I get my wish.

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