Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When my mind is full

I go to the garden.

All this stuff with transitional/no transitional, constant worry, busy schedules, dramatic 9 year olds.....

I go outside to relax.  I spent time in the garden this afternoon pulling weeds, checking on the flowers, seeing what has gotten taller the last couple of days. 

It does make it easier to think - outside on a beautiful day, lost in thought, soaking up some vitamin D.  And when I come back in, I find it easier to deal with the crazy.

Before I came in, I took pictures of the next round of flowers that are appearing in my yard.


Creeping Thyme:
 Pretty purple lavendar flower:

 My first peony is starting to open - I can't wait to see it!
 Hens and Chicks:
 Hens and Chicks:
 Impatiens.  Yes these are annuals, but they are about the only thing that will grow under the pine trees:
 Cute boy in the yard.  He is checking out the sprinkler:
 Another iris has opened.  This one is purple and white!  Love it:

 This is a huge group of Jack in the Puplit that appears all together:
 Geranium (perennial):
 This is a sedum that is supposed to spread and have a red flower.  This is what has come up so far.  I have a bunch of little clumps - I will be anxious to see what it does.
 My first knock out rose is about to make its appearance!!
 Chives again:
 I still have a few rhododendron that are still in the yard.  Won't be long until they are GONE:
 Not a flower, but I love this hosta.  It looks fake with its shiny leaves and white outline.  I have about 15 of them in a shady spot in my yard.
 Flower on my strawberry plant. 
 Looky looky!!  A little strawberry is making an appearance:
 My giant amount of Lambs ear.  I love this - it is very, very soft, and later this summer it will get a purple flower which is very pretty.  I found it all over the crazy yard, and put it all together.  It spreads, so I am hoping it fills in:
 Tree in my yard that is just now getting some flowers.  It is a pretty tree:
 My first day lily of the year:

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