Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday rain

Today is rained.

All day.  Dog was nuts - followed me all over the house dropping a ball at my feet.  Begging me to play with him instead of doing chores.

Arlington's softball game and lacrosse practice were canceled.  Not that I minded that nutso schedule getting the kabosh, but we have to make the game up, so......that stinks.

We went shopping for groceries instead (boring).  But we did get Panera Bread for Dinner.  (yipee!)

Since I was forced to stay inside all day, I cleaned the house since my mom and sister in law will be visiting in a few days.  They should be proud.  It looks a little more presentable than it did this morning.

A little.
Cainan got off the bus today and we were talking about how hard it was raining. He said "but it is good for the plants" "Yes" I told him. And then he said "it is also good for the pigs." "Pigs?" I asked him.... He said "yeah, so they can get their mud time"

Cute little weirdo.

Finley had me take her picture while we were in the car yesterday on the way to piano.
Don't worry, I was stopped at a stop sign.  I promise I don't click and drive.  
This is the kind of humor and random post you get on a rainy day in New England.

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