Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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I want to post about our trip to Six Flags, but I need to get the pictures first!  I didn't take my camera - so my parents are making me a CD of pictures.  Then I can post some of my favorites.

Today a ton of "end of year" papers came home from the little's Kindergarten teachers.  It is hard to believe they have around 30 days of Kindergarten left.  And we have less than that to make our decision about what they are doing next year.

We received some papers from the office about placement for next year.  They wanted us to list the strengths and weaknesses of our kids and things we thought the school should know about for placement for next year.  Kind of hard to fill that out since I have no idea what we are doing next year.  If they go to transitional, this paper doesn't matter - there is only one teacher.  But we don't have our conferences with the teacher until May 22nd.  That is when we will get the results of the testing and make the decision.  This paper?  Due to the office on May 15th.  How does that make any sense.

So.....I filled it out.  I figure they will have it if 1st grade is out destination, and if not - they can just throw it away.  But it is just frustrating.  This....not knowing.  Drives me crazy.

Worse than that?  Finley is in a miserable mood this week.  I think she is overly tired from the last 3 weeks worth of company, and she is fading.  She hasn't been giving her all in Braille - which is very unlike her.  She is basically refusing to read the braille with her fingers - saying she doesn't know what it says.  I have seen this trick.  When she doesn't want to try - this is what happens.  She could be tired, or she could just be being.....Finley.  I must say that at least once a month about that girl.

We had a talk with her tonight.  Pretty stern one.  She is on punishment until she gets back on track.  She has to get a good report from her braille teacher on Thursday.  And every day after that.  She needs to come out of this funk.  She is like a limp rag in the morning - just going through the motions. 

And she is standing REALLY close to the TV.  We back her up to her usual spot, and she gets closer.  Not sure what that is about.  Is she just going through something?  Eyes are tired?  Who knows. 

This LCA thing really stinks.  Not knowing stinks.  Not being able to do anything right now stinks.  Not knowing what is going on in that little brain of hers stinks. 

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