Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jack in the Pulpit

One of my Jack in the Pulpit flowers is in full bloom.  I moved this little plant last year.  I found it getting quite a bit of sun - which it didn't like - and put it under this pine tree.  I didn't have much hope that it would regrow because I put it under a pine tree where nothing seems to want to grow.

But it did appear.  It looked grim for awhile, but overnight, there it was.  And now it is the tallest one I have. 

Jack in the Pulpit are wild flowers.  Once I saw that these were going to like being under the pine tree (they like to grow among poison ivy in the shade, so big surprise) I went on a scavenger hunt for more.  I planted a total of 5 last year under that tree and all 5 reappeared and are not far behind this one in size. 

All in all - I think I found about 60 of them.  And I saved them all.  I moved them under the 9 pine trees we have, around rocks in the shade, and was happy to have something that loved the shade and would grow in my bare garden spots.  Yippee.

I took a picture of the biggest one since it is in full bloom.  I am just amazed that these are wild flowers.  And what Mat likes about them is that I get to plant obsessively for free.  It is a win win.

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