Monday, May 7, 2012

RDH12 Bunco Babes

Friday night we had our first fundraiser for our Foundation here in our new town.  We had a BLAST.  I have never played bunco, and I am so glad to say I went.  It was easy, and it was so much fun.  Thank you to Maria Davis for talking me into this fundraiser and making it a success.  And thank you to Amy Kinne for getting us her church (for free might I add) to hold the fundraiser.  And thank you to all the people who brought delicious food!!

We raised $1000 for our foundation this night.  It was awesome.  And we plan to do it again in July.

Enjoy the pictures!

These cupcakes were made by a friend of mine.  She is really talented.  The boxing gloves (our signature Finley's Fighters look) are made of chocolate and they say Finley's Fighters in braille!

 This lady was our big winner.  She won $100 for getting the most Buncos!  And she turned around and gave it back to our foundation.
 In this next picture - the lady in the maroon sweater is our cupcake maker!!

 In this next picture - the lady in the green sweater is Amy - who got us the church to have our fundraiser:

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