Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, we picked up our new puppy.
Now, before you wonder why we went crazy and got a 3rd dog, I would like to remind those of you who don't remember, Shaggy doesn't live with us any more.  Sadly about a month ago, Shaggy got sick and he went back to the breeder.  They diagnosed him with Cushing's Disease, which is not something we could handle.  Hopefully they will get him all straightened out and re-home him to a home that doesn't have three crazy children and another dog.

Once that happened, and every day since, my children have been asking me when we were going to get another dog.  We took some time to decide if it really was something we wanted to do.  Scooby seemed to really miss Shaggy when he left - he was enjoying having the playmate.  So Mat and I talked about it, and decided that we would give it another try.
We called our breeder, and she had another litter that would be ready by the middle of May.  We were going to look at either boy or girl - just get the right fit for our family, and especially Scooby. Arlington was the most upset about the loss of Shaggy, so we promised her she could name the new dog when the time came.  And she wanted to name the dog Rosebud.

So - today was the day.  Finley (who played hooky from school to spend a little quality time with Gramma), Sally and I took a drive to see the puppies.   The little girl was the best one.  She followed us everywhere, and stuck close to us.  She was playful, but not crazy.  She was quiet.  But a little strange is how straight her hair is.  She is another goldendoodle, but she was the only one in the litter that was born with straight hair.  Not a single curl.  But, Finley hasn't had a single reaction, so we are convinced she is going to be fine.

So - it looks like we got a goldendoodle that looks like a golden retriever.  She is really pretty and really, really, small.  She is about 7 pounds.  She goes to the vet tomorrow for the weigh in.  She is almost 9 weeks old.
She is lovely.  She loves to be around us, and has been very happy.  She is quiet, and doesn't mind the kids squeezing her.  Arlington already put a bow in her hair.

Right now she is under my legs fast asleep.  she has only had one accident in the house all day.  We are hoping she has a good first night.

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