Friday, May 11, 2012

I would post pictures

If I could move myself off the couch.  I am lucky I am moving my arms after two solid days of working in the yard.  I am out of shape.  Or......I am doing things I shouldn't.

Either way - the camera is in the office, and that is not a place I am walking to at the moment.

I love working in the yard.  It is great to soak up the vitamin D and watch what was a chaos of a front yard turn into a beautiful oasis.

But then I walk around the back of the house, and my smile disappears.  What.a.mess.  Weeds, leaves, poison ivy, long grass, and all kinds of chaos.  I have tried to start to work on it, but I could spend 6 or 7 hours back there and it hardly looks different.  I know it is a slow process but my goodness.

The people who lived here before us didn't put chemicals on their yard.  The did organic gardening, which is fine.  But unfortunately, it lead to out of control weeds and lots and lots of grubs which ate the grass.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the backyard before I started to even touch it.  Maybe then I would realize how much we actually have done.

So......I walk away from the back yard (after collecting about 35 more Jack in the Pulpit plants from around the edges of the woods), and go back to work in the front.  Try to figure out what will grow under pine trees (not much), and where I planted some bulbs so that I don't accidentally dig them up.  I look at how much progress we have made in the front and how I have it just about exactly how I want it.  And I forget about the back.

At least for a little while.

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