Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farm babies

Today we took the kids to a local farmland.  We had a really great time.  We ended up staying for about 6 hours and the kids had a blast.  There was animal after animal that they could pet, feed, hold, love.  We took a hayride to see some of the bigger animals they have.  Then we ate our picnic lunch, and hit the splash pad for a few hours where the kids enjoying running in and out of the sprinklers and cooling down.  My parents and I sat in the shade and just enjoyed watching all the kids. 

We took a lot of pictures - enjoy!

Getting ready to go into the farmland:

 Holding one of the kittens:

 Cainan wasn't too sure, and the cat almost escaped:
 This bunny was enormous:
 Finley brushing a bunny:
 Cainan brushing the biggest bunny I have ever seen:
 This little calf was only a week old:
 Yes, Cainan has a mowhawk.  MAt was shaving his head the other night, and fooling around, but Cainan asked him to leave it!  I figured it would be fine for summer:
 This little goat was only 3 days old.  Finley was in love:

 This little goat was 3 weeks old and took a liking to Arlington's shirt:
 Finley loved all the animals:

 Taking a hayride:
 Splash pad!!

 There was this big area that had a pool like shape and just made tons and tons of soap bubbles.  The kids couldn't get enough:

 The grandparents and I enjoyed the shade:

 Finley found her bathing suit double at the splash pad and they played:
 They had a "paint your own face" station.  Arlington did her siblings and herself:

 When we got home, Arlington put a bow in poor Scooby's hair:

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The Kovalls said...

That place looks awesome!