Monday, July 16, 2012

Picking our jaw up off the floor

This past week, we received an amazing donation for our foundation.  While I cannot share all of the details at this time, I can at least share with you what our foundation received.

I want you to know that we have known about this donation for a week and I am still floating.  And tearing up every time I think about what it means for the future for our organization and our daughter.  And all of our RDH12 families.

We received a donation this week of......ready for it......


Two hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars.

I will give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.  Go ahead.  You are going to need that minute.....

Can you believe I just typed that our sweet little 20 month old foundation received a quarter of a million dollars?  Because I can't believe it.  I still think that I am going to wake up and the whole thing would have been made up.

How do you thank a person like this.  We will never be able to.  There are no words for this person's generosity for our families.

When we got this call about this gift, I screamed.  I jumped up and down all over the house.  I swung Finley around and saw a future where she would still see me.

This year, our foundation has set a goal of $400,000.  With this gift, we only have $150,000 left to raise to reach that goal.  Beyond the excitement was a big SIGH of a weight being lifted off our shoulders.

When the time comes for clinical trials....we will be ready.  I now know, I KNOW we will stop Finley from going blind.  And Bella, Abigail, Lily, Bill, Cecilia, Darius, Ben, Maria, Aiden, Gabby, Raphael, Rose, Joanna, Celine, Stjin, and Julie.  All of our RDH12 kids now and to come.



The Kovalls said...

Best. News. Ever. Soon to be topped by the day our Finley is cured <3

Just Me said...

I second the Kovalls' comment. AMAZING!