Friday, July 6, 2012

Race trophies

The trophies for the 5K/10K arrived a few days ago, and they are beautiful.  They are hand carved by an amazing woman named Sarah from Sima Designs.

She does amazing work.  I just can't stop looking at them.

The people who win the races are going to be lucky people to have her amazing work.

Also - she made the keychains that we are giving away at the race.  Our first 250 race participants will get a FREE keychain with their race packet courtesy of the Lions/Lioness Club of Connellsville. 
Aren't they great?

Below are the trophies.  Enjoy!!

These are the pictures of the 5K run trophies.  They say RUN in braille:

 On the back of every trophy, she carved our race logo and website:
 These are the 10 K run trophies (don't worry we have both male and female winners!!)
 These are the 5K walk trophies. They say "walk" in braille:

 These are the 1K fun run trophies:

Now I KNOW you want to come to our fundraiser! :)

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Anonymous said...

we will be there, and we can't wait!!!!!

mike & maria & Bella & Ava & Anthony :)