Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swim for Fin

Today we had a fundraiser for Finley that was organized by the Girl Scouts here in our new town.  Finley's biggest fan, Maria Davis, has been responsible for all the fundraising here, and we will be eternally grateful to her.

Today she had organized this really cute fundraiser she called "Swim for Fin".  They rented a pool from 9-12:30 this morning, and 70 of our closest friends (ha) came and swam with us. 

The fundraiser raised $1400 for our foundation, and we had a WONDERFUL time.  Enjoy the pictures!

Finley had a good time in the shallow end playing around:
 Arlington and her friend "H" starting in the deep end:
 Finley's friend "C" gets ready!
 Finley decided she wanted to go in the deep end:
 Cainan's friend, "J" gets ready to jump in:
 Arlington and her friends having fun:
 Mat and Maria's husband, John, spent most of the morning talking about Pfizer.  BORING:

Finley takes a break from swimming to sit on the side:
 Cainan goes into the deep end:
 Arlington's friends "K" and "H" goofing around:
 The older girls get ready to start some water games:

 Time for some Marco Polo:
 Finley takes a break for a snack:
 Marco Polo resumes:
 Swimming by herself in the deep end:
 Cainan and "J" swimming in the deep end:
 Arlington takes a jump:

 Finley floating around:
 We met a few new people whose kids are going to be in Finley's class next year:
  Finley's 1:1 aide, Mrs. Sturtz came to hang out with us.  We were happy to see her:

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