Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Month Away

I KNOW KNOW KNOW you are sick of hearing from me.  Jennifer is harping again.   If you don't want to read much, at least scroll down and read some of the basket descriptions we have so far.

But - we are now one month away from Finley's biggest event of the year.  On August 25th, we are having her 5K/10K race in Connellsville.

I have taken pictures of new flowers blooming in my yard AND pictures of flowers blooming in my neighbors yard.  I am watching her house while she is away, and I am very jealous of her abundant garden.  If she reads the blog she will see that I am keeping her plants alive - which is amazing in itself.  (she has a lot.....a lot)

(the first few are mine)
But please don't let the idea of a race deter you from coming!!  You can walk/run or just come and have a good time.  That is why we have all kinds of choices on our brochure.  We have something for everyone.
We have music!!  If you love bluegrass, we have a local band coming to perform.  Talent is abundant in this small corner of the world.
We have food!!  We are having hot dogs, ham BBQ, chips, watermelon, and billions of home made cookies.  (billions). Food is included in your race registration.
We have a free bounce house and face painting!!  My sister in law, Jess is an AMAZING artist, and she does our face painting each year.  She does such a fantastic job that this year I doubled her face paint amount because last year she ran out.  Her husband and she also will be doing the balloon animals.  No they did not work for the circus. :)  Pure talent people, pure talent.
We are giving away race shirts with each registration!  This years was designed again by a high school art student.  Very talented people in the Connellsville School District.  The shirt is going to be amazing yet again.
There will be free tractor rides for the kids!
And of course - we have the Basket Raffle.  We are having two different raffles this year.  One raffle has 19 baskets to chose from.  The large prize raffle has 5 baskets to chose from.  For your enjoyment, my mom has started to write down the contents in the baskets that are finished and in our house.  They haven't been beautifully wrapped by Mary Louise Hornick yet, so no pictures, but the details!!  You have to hear about them:

(the rest of the pictures are my neighbors.  She is a show off.)
Basket #1
Tina's Hair Nook Basket (Thank you to Tina for donating this basket of her salon's products)
   - 9 bottles of system design hair – spray, shampoos,
      conditioners, thickeners,
   - 1 salon flat iron styling service
   - 1 hot shots turbo dryer
   - 1 brush
Basket #2
Summer Fun Basket (thanks to my Grandmother, DQ,and Tastefully Simple for this basket)
     -  Large metal carrier (for ice and drinks)
     - 6 colorful plastic dinner plates
      -6 colorful plastic dessert plates
      - 6 plastic cups
      - 6 colorful plastic bowls
     - 1 plastic pitcher
     - 2 kitchen towels
    - 1 – 20 count pkg. of paper napkins
    - 1 lazy susan
    - 1 plastic table cloth
    - 2 Ben and Jerry free one pint ice cream coupons
    - 1 Dairy Queen coupon for a 8” ice cream cake
    - 1 box of Tastefully Simple lemonade fruit dip mix
    - 1 box of Tastefully Simple Strawberry Swirl Buckle Cake Mix
    - 1 Tastefully Simple Swing Strawberry Margarita Mix
    - 1 Tastefully Simple Electric Lemonade Slush Drink Mix
    - 1 Tastefully Simple Swing Strawberry Margarita Mix
    - 1 Tastefully Simple Electric Lemonade Slush Drink Mix
Basket #3
    Gardening Basket (thanks to the Connellsville Garden Club and Maria Davis)
  **This basket is ALMOST done - we got a call today about a few more items, so stay tuned

-1 Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden- Roll n Grow
-1 pink ceramic flower pot
-1 watering can
-1 box Miracle Grow plant food
-1 Head Gardener Mug and coaster
-2 small and 1 large spade
-1 scented candle
-1 pair gardening gloves
-6 gladiolus bulbs
-1 ceramic small decorative stone
-1 “She who loves a Garden” book
-1 pruning shears
-1 small hanging wind chime
-1 hummingbird feeder
-1 – 4.5 container of Miracle Gro Shake and Feed
-1 package of 3 roots of daylily dream legacy
-72 jiffy 7” peat pellets, base tray and clear dome
-2 small square woven baskets
-4 plastic pop bottles for watering
-3 large kneelers
-1 garden flag
-bypass pruner and folding saw set
-3 piece nozzle set
-1 clip on fan circulated repellent
-1 3 prong digger
-1 can of sunscreen
-6X8 ft. medium duty tarp
-pkgs. Of seeds- tarragon, sage, lavender, flower mix,
-morning glory, evening primrose, chives
-1 pkg. all purpose plant food
Basket #4
American Girl basket (Thanks to American Girl, and Beth Geary and Jennifer Bartalomai for this basket)
**this basket is part of the BIG raffle.  Tickets are a bit more expensive but SO worth it for the doll alone!

-McKenna- America Girl Doll (she also has the book and charm included)
-McKenna accessories- 1 bag, 1 ID card, 1 bottle, 1 snack,-
-1 necklace, 1 book report, 1 letter, 1 book, 1 journal
-1 American Girl Boston doll size shirt
-1 American Girl Boston hat
-2 American Girl dresses
-1 American Girl craft- Pom-Pom Pillows
-1 American Girl Crafts photo album
-1 McKenna pajamas, sleepers, hair ties
-1 McKenna Ready to fly book
-1 American Girl picture frame
-1 American Girl nail care kit
-1 American Girl doll hair brush
Basket #5
Coffee Basket (thanks to Zac and Allison, Deb Petrowski, Green Mountain Coffee)

 - two packages of green mountain coffee beans
- chocolate covered marshmallows
- three travel coffee mugs
- $20 Dunkin Donuts Gift card
- $25 Panera Gift card
- $20 Startbucks gift card
- Depak Chopra SIGNED book
- Dean Koontz SIGNED book
Basket #6
Movie Night Basket (thanks to Carmike Cinema, Orlandos, and the Wyatts)

- 6 Carmike Cinema movie tickets
- Carmike Cinema gift card (so you can buy snacks!)
- $25 Applebees gift card
 Basket #7
Children's Museum day basket (thanks to Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Dave and Busters and Bernie Koshock,....and I am missing someone.....)

- 4 Children's Museum passes
- $25 Dave and Busters gift card
-$30 in Dave and Busters game play
- $20 Museum store gift card
Basket #8
Science Center day basket (thanks to the Science Center of Pittsburgh, Dave and Busters, and....ugh!)

 - 2 Science Center passess
- $25 Dave and Busters gift card
- $20 in Dave and Busters game play
- $20 Museum store gift card
 Basket #9
Pirates Game Day basket (thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Kostelniks)

- 2 Pirates Tickets
- $25 Bettis Grill Gift Card

 - Willie Stargel Poster
-3 MLB nylon drawstring bags
-Pirate magnet
-Coupon for $6 off bleacher seats
-Coupon for $4 off upper grand stand seats

Basket #10
Handmade Quilt (thanks to Sally Pletcher who MADE it BY HAND)

 enough said

Basket #11 and #12 (donor wishes to remain anonymous)
Kids bikes

-  20 inch girls bike
 - 20 inch boys bike
Basket Raffle #13
Penguins Basket (courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

So these are the COMPLETED baskets so far.  More to come rolling in.  We will have the complete list and hopefully pictures to you by August 10th.  So stay tuned.

And for goodness sake - send in your registrations!!!  We are starting our first run of shirts.  Thank you!

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