Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midweek Randoms, Swim for Finn, and Bunco

Tonight I have writers block.  Partly because I have something EXTREMELY exciting that I cannot wait to share with the world about our foundation, but I can't do it just yet.

It is the only thing on my mind right now, so I am having a hard time getting around it.

So instead - you get randomness.  Aren't you lucky?  You know you are.

First - if you read this blog looking for Swim for Finn or Bunco, here are the details.  Bunco is Friday night at 7pm - 13 Gray Farm Road.  Cost is $20/person.  See you there!

Swim for Finn is SUNDAY - 9-12:30pm.  Here is the flier:

Finley's eye sight is changing.  Again.  She has been closing her left eye or squinting it to see when she is reading.  And her reading is VERY slow because she just can't seem to find her sweet spot.  Her teacher of the vision impaired and I are working on ideas to help.  One of the ideas was to take a picture of the page with the Ipad, which will enlarge the writing.  That seems to help some.

Arlington is causing me to have a flashback to being 9 years old.  Right now, she only wants to listen to popular music.  She has a few popular songs that she really likes (that I promise are innocent or go over her head) and she wants me to turn on the radio to see if I can find them.  I have to laugh because I remember for me, when I was her age, Michael Jackson had just become really popular, and all the girls were "mad" about his music.  Arlington seems too young for the radio, so she can only listen if I am there too.  Because usually every other song is NOT for 9 year olds.

Cainan's love for Legos has jumped leaps and bounds this summer.  To the point of annoying.  Just kidding.  I was never a little boy, so I have no idea why boy toys are exciting.  He loves Ninjago, or something like that.  Talks about it  There is a lego book he desperately wants, so I am conning him into reading tons and tons this summer to earn the book.  It is working.

Mat is working so hard he is running himself into the ground.  He is so busy at work right now and traveling a lot.  Driving us all crazy, including him.  He is hoping that things settle down soon so that he can actually enjoy the summer.

I am busy working on the run/walk in August, and tomorrow I am going to groom Scooby.  That is right folks, I am going to shave the dog.  It cost $80 to take him to the groomers (and I have a feeling after tomorrow it will be worth every penny to take him there next time) so Mat felt this would be a better option.  Cheapo at least bought me a grooming kit, a DVD and I have a book.  I have read the book, and the DVD was no help (the lady grooming the dog one last years "national grooming championship".  Whatever).  The kids are so excited.  I will take a picture.  It should be interesting.

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