Saturday, July 14, 2012

Somethings you should not do yourself

Right now - my list has one thing on it....

1) Shave the dog.

This is why groomers charge so much.  It is not as easy as it looks.  ESPECIALLY after you watch a dumb video and read the instructions that came with the shaver and NO WHERE does it explain what "fine" setting is or when you should use the guard, or which way you should hold the razor to get the thing to work.

I know, I know - that last one should be self explanitory.   But it wasn't.  I have never used a razor like this before.  Mat wasn't home.  We (Arlington and I) thought we could handle it.

We could not.

Poor Scooby looks like a hairless cat.  And he did get knicked a few times because he would jerk away from us.  Poor little man.

Mat came home and helped me straighten him out, and today we finished it up.  He doesn't look half bad, and I think he is much (much) cooler, which was the whole point.

The hair will grow back.  But for now - here is what we have..


 And after:

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The Kovalls said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh my goodness - it looks like a different dog! Still cute, though. Poor Scooby.