Sunday, July 8, 2012

Needing An Outlet

Finley has some sensory issues that we are working through.

We were told it is pretty normal for vision kids to need an outlet.  She touches our faces, she puts things really close to us.  She gets really close to our faces, and then she likes really, really strong hugs.

She will squeeze toys, us, the dogs....She is trying to be sweet and gentle, and for us, it is no big deal.  The dogs do not love it, of course.  We are constantly reminding her to be gentle.
 She has to TOUCH.EVERYTHING.  It is how she gets all of her information, and it can be a little frustrating for people (dogs) who don't realize this need.  She is not trying to be annoying, or "in your face".  She is trying to get information.
The hardest thing is to be patient with her.  To gently remind her "hands down" or "nice touches".  Or when she is sitting with someone else, we are are always on edge about where her hands are because usually they are touching the persons face.
So.....we are working on it.  We are looking for things to give her when her sensory needs are great.  To keep her hands busy.  Something we can keep with us to give her every time we see it reaching a peek.

It is a full time job caring for Finley.  You look at her and see a normal kid.  But the reality is completely different.  Between her vision needs, her sensory needs, and the need to always keep a close eye on her, we are exhausted.
I really want to concentrate on getting a better handle on this sensory thing.  As she grows, it will become more of a problem and less likely to be easily overlooked.  Anyone out there who reads the blog that has some suggestions, we are all ears.


Daria said...

I think the idea of keeping her hands busy is good. A stress ball may be a good idea, because she can squeeze it. Also, to teach personal space, have her stand in front of you as close as she usually would, and then, ask her to move her arm or foot forward. If the arm or foot are touching you, then she's too close. I have the same issues (not always knowing when I'm in the 'personal bubble' zone due to lack of depth preception and neeeding to see things close up) and that 'hands-on' explanation helped a great deal. I still will get too close to paintings and such in museums, but for the most part, I've learned to judge over time what 'respectable' distance is.

I hope that this will be of at least some help.


Jen said...

I never put the two together, but since you mentioned Finley liking to "squeeze" you guys (members in the family), I realize this is also Gavin! Besides him trying to poke my eyes out, he also squeezes our cheeks really hard. This may be independent, and him just being an oddball, OR in fact it may be part of his sensory.


I feel your exhaustion. :( Gavin is the best, but by Thursday night I'm ripping out my hair. His eye pressing on top of it all, makes for very demanding and difficult days. Hugs.