Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finley's 6th birthday party

Today Finley had her party with her friends.  She was super, super excited.  It was a great little party.  Her first one (of her own).  We don't do friend parties or big parties until the kids are in elementary school, so this was her first time inviting friends to celebrate her special day.

We had the party at a local gymnastics academy, and the kids had a great time.  It was an all girl party, except for Cainan.  Poor buddy had to come along.  But there was jumping, and bouncing, and cake - so he didn't mind too much.

Below are the pictures from the party.  Enjoy!

This is Finley's shirt I ordered on Etsy for her party:
 Trying out a pose:
 I asked for a straight on pose - this is what I get:
 Bow that I ordered from Etsy:  Love it:
Party room. 
 You are about to be very jealous of my friend Courtney's mad cake skills.  She made Cainan's cupcakes for his party.  Finley wanted the ever so difficult barbie cake AND cupcakes for her party.  Finley saw a picture of the Island Princess Barbie cake online and that is what she wanted.  So - Courtney said she was up for the challenge, and wait until you see it.  You would NOT believe this thing (Besides the barbie head) is CAKE.
 Right?  Kind of crazy.  The "wings" are chocolate.  The cake was delicious.  And the little girl you see beside the Island Barbie?  Courtney made Finley.  She put her hair just like Finley wears it every day, put icing glasses on her face, and put her in a spunky dress that only our Finley would wear any day of the week:

Close up of Barbie.  Her clothes and everything are icing, chocolate, and cake:

Little Finley.
The cake table:
Courtney also used her amazing talent to make these cupcakes.  The tops are chocolate.  LOVE.

Place setting for each girl:
 Had these signs ordered from Etsy:

 The party room:

Finley swinging on a rope:

 Finley jumping off some pretty high things into a pit of foam.  This is huge for her.  She hates ANY kind of height because of her vision.  But she did it.

 Waving to us as she ran by.  She had the best time:
 Cainan gives the rope a try.  He couldn't remember to let go:
 Arlington looking crazy as she runs by:

 They played a game where Finley had to sit in the middle of the parachute and they would wave it up and down.  Then they twisted it up and spun her out.  She loved it:

 Birthday girl made her own hat for the occasion:

 Even some of the presents got into the spirit of the decorations:

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