Monday, July 9, 2012

Flowers and more flowers

 Not much happening today.  Arlington started Club Invention camp today.  She will be going every day this week from 8:30-3pm.  She loved it.  The littles missed her today, but we did just fine.  Finley had braille class.  She has been closing her left eye when she reads print.  Has us a bit concerned that the vision in that eye is worsening.  It has been the worse eye, but not enough that we really noticed.  But it is starting to affect her, so we are working on that.  Her vision teacher gave us some great suggestions today (and so did some of my other parents with kids with vision issues) so we have some things we are going to try.

I took a few pictures of the newest flowers to bloom in the garden.  Things are still emerging, which is fun.  Love seeing what is coming up.  Most of the flowers that were here were done blooming by the time I started work in the garden (thanks to that lovely broken foot last summer), so I was not sure about what color some of them are.  It is exciting to see what color the plant becomes.


This is a balloon flower.  This is one that it just starting to emerge.  To me it looks like a hot air balloon:  If you feel it, it is really cool:

Here is one just about to open:
   Here is our Balloon flower all open and pretty!
Daylilies started to open.  We have many different colors:

 I like this one the best.  It has a few layers:
 Our Echinacea is now in full bloom:
 And of course - Shasta Daisies!!  We have trillions.  Okay - maybe not that many, but close.  I actually gave a ton (a ton) away last year, and kept about 40 plants of them:

 This picture did not turn out well.  But the tops are a really pretty deep purple.  smells amazing:
 This one is just starting out, but I took it anyway.  It looks like it is going to be really pretty:

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