Monday, April 30, 2012

Cainan's First Tball Game

This past Saturday morning was Cainan's first t-ball game.  I wanted to post the pictures yesterday, but I couldn't find the camera cord.
He did great at his first game.  You could tell he was a bit unsure about the whole thing at first, but he jumped right in there. He wasn't thrilled that he was a purple team, but what can you do.  I thought he looked really cute in his little uniform.
He picked #6 for his number since that is almost his age. 

The games at this age are 30 minutes of practice, and 45 minutes of playing.  Everyone gets a chance to bat and they practice fielding.

 He will have a game each Saturday until the 2nd week in June.

  I will be anxious to see if after it is all over he will want to do it again next year.

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The Kovalls said...

He looks awesome! Maybe he can teach E a few things this weekend :-)