Thursday, March 31, 2011


There are 5 of us in our little family.
Mat and I have lived in 5 different states since we have been married.  (Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Florida, and now Connecticut).
The 5 of us were all born in a difference place.  Pennsylvania - Jennifer.  Indiana - Mathew.  Arlington - California.  Finley - Florida.  Cainan - China.
Arlington pointed out this morning, that all the places we were born in all end is the letter "a".
I know how fascinated you all are right now.
This all started the other day thanks to Finley.  Finley (being herself) gave her brother a little shove and got into trouble.  She felt really bad, and burst into tears.  But what she said was:  "Cainan is special because he was born in China, and there is nothing special about me!"

After lightly chuckling at her little outburst (which was her way of getting us to feel bad she was punished.  It didn't work), we tried to tell her all the different ways she was special.
She does NOT think her eyes are special at all.  She thinks her eyes are a "pain", so I know that wouldn't work.  So Arlington is the one who came up with we were all special because we were all born in different places.  And it went from there.
Although, Grammy and Papa - Finley says you are not special because you were both born in the same state.  Sorry about that.

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Anonymous said...

You tell Finley we are special because the towns we were raised in end in an "a"- Monongahela and Isabella and because we are her grandparents- that would make anyone special!!!

love Grammy and Papa