Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phone calls from boys

Today, Arlington got a phone call from a boy.

We got home from school, and there was a little boy's voice on the answering machine, asking Arlington to call him.
Arlington was pretty excited.  Lucky for me, she is 8, and her excitement was over the fact that one of her really good friends - who recently moved away - was calling to talk to her.  NOT because it was a boy.

Hopefully I have more time before that happens.

They talked for about 20 minutes - he told her all about his new school.  Arlington told him how all of his old friends were doing.  He did ask her what she was wearing.  Mat and I smirked at that one.
She went into the office to talk to him - out of the sight (but not hearing range) of her dad and I.  It gave me a look into the future.  When she chases her sister out of her room, so she can talk on the phone.  Today I am wishing she stays 8 for about 20 more years.

A boy!  Oh boy.

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