Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Bug's Bad Day

Today was Arlington's Destination Imagination performance.  The kids did a great job!  The name of their "challenge" was Big Bug's Bad Day.  From what I understand, the kids got to write the whole story, including naming the characters.  I was told that Arlington wrote a lot of the lines, so I wanted to share what was written!
Characters:  Big Bug, Queen Ant (Arlington), Butterfrina Butterfly, Pink Flying Elephant Ant with Tutu (so hysterical), and King Ant

We took pictures during the performance, but I wanted to share the actual words they wrote because it is all in their 8 year old glory, and pretty hysterical.  (and SO this group of kids).  The other Ants were black, but Arlington decided that she wanted to be a red ant.  Their team captain (adult) said she was totally fine with multi-ant-cultural family.
Without further ado, here is Big Bug's Bad Day

King Ant:  This is what happened one day when Big Bug brought bread to the Queen Ant.

Big Bug:  It took me a long time to get this bread.  I hope you like it

Queen Ant (Arlington):  NO!  I want cake!  I want lots and LOTS of cake!  I love cake, not bread!  It should be chocolate cake with extra sprinkles.  Get me the cake now or I will fire you from the kingdom!
 Big Bug:  I don't like that Queen.  I wish I could find another ant hole!

(Butterfrina and Pink Flying Elephant Ant With Tutu - PFEAT - come onstage)

Big Bug: Oh, hello, Butterfrina the butterfly and Pink Flying Elephant Ant with Tutu.
Bufferfrina:  What is the matter, Big Bug?  Why are you crying?

PFEAT:  What happened Big Bug?  What happened?

Big Bug: The Queen Ant is too bossy!  She wants cake, not bread.  She's going to throw me into the fire!

Butterfrina:  Well, I don't think she's going to throw you into the fire.  She's just going to take your job away.

Big Bug:  No.  I don't think that.

PFEAT:  Here are some things you could do

Butterfrina:  Well, Big Bug, tell the Queen, "You are too bossy!"

PFEAT:  This is another suggestion.  You could be bossy to the Queen Ant

Butterfrina: Yeah, Big Bug, you could tell the Queen how you feel and we could help you.

Big Bug:  Maybe we could all go and talk to the King Ant about talking to the Queen.

PFEAT and Butterfrina:  Yes!  Let's do that!

Big Bug:  King Ant, the Queen Ant is being very bossy to me and very picky about what food I bring her.
King Ant:  Oh wow!

PFEAT:  Big Bug told me all about what happened.  About how the Queen Ant yelled about wanting cake, not bread, and then firing her.

King Ant:  I wouldn't want t fire you, Big Bug because you are a good ant to the kingdom.

Butterfrina:  King Ant, you should talk to the Queen about what she said to Big Bug.

King Ant:  OK, I'll do that right now if you'll come with me.
PFEAT, Butterfrina, Big Bug:  Sure we will

(Queen Ant comes on stage)

Queen Ant:  Nice to see you.  why are you here?

King Ant:  Have you been bossy to Big Bug and the other ants?

Queen Ant:  (Nicely) No, I haven't.

King Ant:  Are you Sure?

Queen Ant:  Yes, I'm sure
King Ant:  Are you sure, because Big Bug, Butterfrina, and Pink Flying Elephant Ant with Tutu all say you're bossy to Big Bug and you want cake not bread.  You should be lucky big Bug brought you food.

Queen Ant:  (with attitude) What are you talking about, Husband?  I would NEVER do such a thing.  I absolutely promise!

King Ant:  I know you've been bossy.  Now you're even bossing me around.

Queen Ant:  (Shrugs)

King Ant:  Stop being bossy!
Butterfrina:  Yeah, Queen Ant!  Why are you bossing Big bug around?

PFEAT: The king is older than you and should be able to tell you what to do, not the other way around.

Big Bug:  Please use your manner when you talk to me.

Queen Ant:  I'm sorry.  Let's have a party.

Butterfrina:  I'll go get the cake.

PFEAT:  I'll get the balloons and ice cream.

King Ant:  I'll go get spoons and forks.  They are in my office.

Queen Ant:  I'll decorate the family room with party streamers and confetti

Big Bug:  I'll get a table and table cloth.

Queen Ant:  No.  I'll get that for you while you rest here on the ground.

PFEAT:  And there was a happy ending.

Isn't that cute?  They did a good job.  Disclaimer about the costumes:  Part of DI is that the kids have to make the costumes without adult help.  We try to make it as easy as we can for them, but we can't help them.  I think the costumes came out great - especially since they are only 8.

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Anonymous said...

I think one of the funniest things she wrote was that all the king was responsible for bringing to the party were the forks and spoons- pretty advanced wisdom for an 8 year old girl!!!

love Grammy