Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Today was filled with activity.  We started with church (where the kids sang a song with the choir - so cute) and then Arlington had softball practice.  While she was there, Mat went to a meeting and the littles and I did some fund stuff around the house.

Finley has been practicing her braille.  She is learning to recognize the dots on the page and what letters they make, and today she was actually writing a few.  She was picking it up pretty well.  And she seems to like it.  We don't push it - she asks us to work on it most days.  She also brailled a few letters on her brailler for the little girl she wrote a letter to yesterday.

Cainan was practicing some of the things he needed to learn from Karate.  No - not moves.  He needs to learn some responses.  That has been interesting.  He is getting them, but it will take some time.  Tomorrow he goes back to Karate class.  He will be going on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Arlington and I have finished watching the first movie of Harry Potter.  She really enjoyed it.  We are about 4 chapters away from finishing book 2, and then we will watch the second movie.  Right now Arlington is reading on her own - American Girl Mini Mysteries.  Such great books.  There are three and she has read 1 1/2 so far and is really enjoying them.
Arlington puts this on every time we read the books.

We made our hotel reservations for Philadelphia this weekend.  Sadly, one of the families in our fund will not be able to join us this time.  But three out of four Fund families isn't bad!  We are so excited to go.  We will just be spending one overnight in Philadelphia, but are looking forward to a chance to catch up with the other families and have our children meet each other.

Prayers are still needed for our ailing family members.  While Mat's grandma Pletcher and Uncle Bob are stable at the moment, my grandmother has not gotten better.  The surgery they did a few days ago to try and relieve the pressure in her back and bring back the feeling in her legs has not worked, and she continues to be in a lot of pain.  We are hoping that we see good results from the surgery soon.

So just some ramblings for today.  Have a great end of your weekend and a great start to your week!

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