Friday, March 11, 2011


Just a quick update tonight.  My in-laws are still visiting, and we have had a busy day, so I haven't had a chance to take any pictures.

Nanny had surgery today.  The tumor in her back was pushing on her spinal cord to the point that it was causing numbness in her legs.  The oncologist decided this morning that he would like the surgery to be done to get rid of some of the tumor that would take the pressure off her back and give her back the feeling in her legs.  It is a hard call because of her current condition and her age.  But she came through the surgery well.  Tough lady.  They removed as much of the tumor as they could.  They put some rods in her back to stabilize her spine.  She was in the surgery for few ours, and she is now in recovery.  The hope is for her to go back to her regular room tonight and then tomorrow morning they will be able to see if her legs have feeling again.

So for now, she is stable.  They couldn't remove the tumor completely, but this will hopefully help with the pain she has been having in her back so that she doesn't have to be on as much pain medication and can be awake more.

Hopefully tomorrow we will know more.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers and good thoughts.  I appreciate reading them in the emails!

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