Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are in Philadelphia!

Tomorrow we make the official presentation of our $70,000 to LCA RDH12 Research to Dr. Bennett.  We can't wait.  We arrived in Philadelphia around 3pm this afternoon, and had a chance to go out to dinner with two of the other families that are here to make the presentation with us.

We are sad that the other RDH12 families couldn't be here with us this weekend, but know that they are with us in spirit and will be here next time!  But it was great to meet Abigail and her mom and grandma, and see Bella and her parents again.  So here are two pictures just to hold you over until tomorrow.

First picture is Abigail and Arlington.  Bottom are Bella and Finley.  Abigail is 7 and Bella is 5.  So our girls were excited to have girls their age to play with.

See you tomorrow!

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