Monday, March 14, 2011

The one where I had to use another 1/4 sick day

At 1:30 this afternoon, I get a call from Arlington's very sweet school nurse.  Arlington was in the nurse's office, very upset because she had a stomach ache.  She wanted to be picked up, so I caved and went and got her.  I did try to have Mat get her, but he was in the middle of a project he couldn't leave at that moment.  So.....I went.  And we went home and she laid on the couch.

Plus - we finished the second Harry Potter book with our time together and were able to start watching the second movie.

I had a check up at the doctor's today because I needed another tetanus shot.  IT has been 10 years since my last one, and as much as I don't like this particular injection, I could avoid it no longer.  Tonight, I am typing a little slower because I cannot move my right arm.  And I know tomorrow will be equally as fun.  Stupid shot.

Cainan had his second karate class today.  While we practiced all of his commands yesterday, today he had trouble remembering what they were.  Mat watched him today and said that Cainan was having a bit of trouble following the class.  I just think, like most things with our sweet boy, it might take him longer than others to pick up what he needs to do.  But he still likes it, so that is a plus!
He came home with another colored tape on his belt for a good class, so that was a good sign.
Finley's Suzuki piano book and CD arrived today, and she started listening to the CD tonight at bedtime.  She loved it and had to listen to it twice.  Who knew there were 26 different ways to play twinkle twinkle.  While my eyeballs almost bled from listening to Twinkle Twinkle over and over again that many times, she happily bounced on the bed saying "again!"  As long as she likes it!  Her teacher wanted her to start listening to the CD, so she had the songs in her head by the time she started lessons.

Tomorrow is Finley's IEP to find out what she will need in place for next year.  The occupational therapist called tonight to go over how Finley was doing.  We talked about her trouble with still writing backwards, but she said she won't be concerned with that until she is 1/2 way through Kindergarten.  She said that the teacher will need to make sure she had her papers marked with tactile and visual cues on where to start her words and that will help.  We also talked about Finley's growing frustration when she is "visually overwhelmed" with shoes.  All of the kid's shoes are lined up in our mudroom.  Every day she goes down to get her shoes and can never find them on her own.  So she suggested her having a basket with just her shoes for now until she starts to use other means to find things besides her vision.  (Finley hasn't quite figured out that if she gets down close to the shoes and touches them she might find what she needs).  She suggested she have her own coat cubby next year so that she isn't overwhelmed with the large amount of coats on hooks, and that sounded good.

So after the meeting, I will update you!

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