Friday, March 4, 2011

Disney Day Six

Hollywood Studios

Today we are on our next to last day of Disney parks.  Aren't you sad?  I knew you would be.
This is one of Arlington's favorite parks.  Because it houses her favorite ride.
Arlington is pretending that the Dinosaur ate her head

The Tower of Terror.  The girl is a weirdo.  She must have rode this ride 12-13 times on this day.  She and Mat.  She couldn't convince anyone else to join her.  Sad.

While Arlington and Mat were off riding this frightening fun ride, the rest of us went to visit some characters in the park.
Finley was bound and determined to meet Eeyore, because this is her teacher - Donna's - favorite Disney character.  Finley loves Donna, and from the very beginning of the trip, she asked and asked to find Eeyore.
And we found him!
Finley had her picture taken with him (and Tigger) and made sure to tell me (200 times) that I need to blow that picture up really big to give to Donna when she returns to school.  Will do darling, will do.
We also had a chance to meet a few other favorite characters, before moving on to a few rides.

Hollywood Studios has a new Pixar section of their park, with a brand new Toy Story 3 ride.  This ride was amazing, and the line for it was huge.  Thank goodness for fast passes.  We were only able to ride it once, due to its popularity, but it was still great.  If you make it down to Disney, you need to take your kids on this ride.  It was even fun for us adults.  Very well done.
While we were in the Pixar section, we had a chance to meet Woody and Buzz.  Cainan thought he died and went to heaven to see them both in the same room.

Cainan had his superman hat on, and Woody removed it, and put it on Buzz's head.  The then proceeded to pretend that Buzz now had Superman powers.  Cainan got a kick out of this.  He wasn't upset at all that they took his hat (unlike some other little boy I knew many years ago.  Ahem....AJ)

While waiting in line to meet Buzz and Woody, we got to wait inside, and there were other things for the kids to do, and places for them to take their picture.  This made the wait much less painful.

My favorite part of Hollywood Studios is the shows.  They have a fantastic car stunt show, an Indiana Jones Show, and a wonderful Beauty and the Beast Show.  We were able to catch all three.  And with Finley's pass, we were able to sit close and really see the actors.

Finley's favorites were the Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast Shows.  She was upset, especially when the Indiana Jones show ended - she wanted to see more skeletons.  Of.course.  And Belle is her favorite princess, so this show was a big hit.  Especially when Belle came out in the Yellow dress.  She was very excited!

Arlington was excited about the Chronicles of Narnia show - she and Mat read all of the books.  She she loved seeing the tablet and stone statues from the movie.

The kids were also excited to get their picture taken with their favorite Characters from the Cars movie.  Especially Cainan.  We ended up waiting about 30 minutes to get our picture taken with these two because he was so excited.

 We had a great day at Hollywood Studios.  By 8pm when the park closed, we were tired and ready to go.  We had a chance to ride every ride in the park, and so we were satisfied with another wonderful day!  It was not extremely hot or crowded, and we had a day filled with fun.  This is a good park to do when your feet and legs need a rest from all the walking.
Tomorrow - last day in the parks.  We head back to the Magic Kingdom.

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