Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disney Day Three

(This picture was taken at night - hence, no glasses for Finley)

Day three was an other early start for us.  We didn't mind getting up early every day because we wanted to squeeze every minute we could out of the fun Disney has to offer.
We had breakfast in our cabin and then traveled to Epcot.  We started our day off by breaking off from my parents so that we could take the kids to ride two of the biggest rides in the park before it got busy.  My parents stayed and waited for Tricia, E, and her mom.
We went right for Test Track and the kids loved it.  Finley and Cainan are tall enough now to ride most of the "big kid" rides, and they had a great time trying this one out.  It is a fun, fast car ride, and I am glad we got a chance to ride it.
We met back up with the group after that, and were able to ride some rides all together.  Tricia took "E" back to the hotel for the afternoon to nap, so while she did that, we rode a few more rides, and waited for Mat's sister, Teen, her husband Frank, and little girl "R" to meet us.  Teen and Frank live in Jacksonville - not far from Orlando - so we were glad they could come down.
It was a great day.  The weather was warm, but it wasn't overly crowded, and we got to do everything we wanted.  My kids enjoyed going from country to country with their "passports" and getting them stamped and coloring at the KidCot spots in each place.  They didn't make it around to all of the countries, but they got close.
We went to dinner that night with Teen and Frank (just Mat and I) for Mat's birthday.  Tricia couldn't come because Mexican food isn't sitting very well with baby boy Kovall at the moment!  Mat picked the restaurant, and the food was just okay.  The service, believe it or not, was not that great.  The waitress we had was not pleased with us for one reason or another, and dinner took For.ev.er.
But it gave us a chance to visit with Teen and Frank (and R was REALLY good at dinner for as long as it was taking) and catch up on all the latest news.  I am glad we went, despite the long wait for food.

After dinner, the stuck around and rode a few more things with us before saying goodbye and heading home.  Tricia and family and we were going to stay and watch the lightshow, but our kids were not able to make it.  So we ended up heading back to the hotel for the night.

Tired little "E" did great the whole day

Another wonderful park day.  All the kids were behaving so well and getting along great.  They were being patient about waiting in lines and no one had a breakdown, which I think counts as a huge success.  We ate a lot of snacks and ice cream, and went home happy.
Tomorrow - Magic Kingdom and the girl's get transformed into princesses.

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