Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you "Bones"

Last night, Mat and I were flipping around the channels.  Our usual Thursday night 9pm show was not on, so we were looking for something good to watch.

We came across the show "Bones" which Mat and I really like, but don't watch much this year because of the time is airs.

I was glad we were able to catch last night's episode, because a few minutes into the show, all of the sudden we heard the word "LCA" and both looked up.  It couldn't be.  A TV show talking about the very rare Lebers Congenital Amaurosis?  No way.

Now we were hooked.  And we didn't hear wrong.  It was exciting to say the least.  Here are the clips of the segments of the shows so you can see where they mentioned it.  Each one of the clips below are DIFFERENT - you need to watch each one.  (even though they look similar at first glance, they are not), and they are only about 1 minute each.  It takes them a few seconds to get started to BE PATIENT. :)

The section where the dad starts talking after he finds out he is a carrier - we felt his pain. That is exactly how we felt - like all the air had been taken out of the room.

But in the end, you pull yourself together and know that together, you can get through anything. And we have! With us, our family, our friends, and all of our new friends we have made along this journey.

We encourage you to write to Fox and thank them for representing LCA. To show what it can do to a family when they first find out, and how it can make them stronger. We hope that Fox will continue the story line on the show.

Here is the address to write to Fox. We appreciate your support!  Make sure you mention Finley and our when you write to them so they know that there are families out there who heard them!

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