Monday, March 7, 2011

Finley charms her public

The week after we returned from Disney World, Finley spent the week with my parents and in-laws.  The good people of Connellsville, and surrounding areas, who have been working overtime to raise funds for our little girl, were due a great big thank you from our girl.
I watched the video of this - all the kids were trying to shake her hand.

My parents and in-laws took her to local schools, local businesses, out to lunch with a few people - all so that Finley and my family could thank them for every cent they have raised or donated.  We would not be making this trip down to see Dr. Bennett and get the research underway if it wasn't for the good people of Connellsville.

Finley got so many presents, I could hardly believe it.  Everywhere she went, the kids/adults had a little something for her.  She is busy making thank you pictures for everyone and has thoroughly enjoyed all the things you gave to her.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her feel special.  She doesn't really understand what all the fuss is about, but we do.
We can never say thank you enough.  You have given your time, your money, your hearts to make it possible for Finley to have a life of sight.  Every cent you have given is going to research.  Every time you ask how you can help, we are overwhelmed with gratefulness.
Having Lunch with Nancy Shultz.  Nancy is a huge Finley cheerleader.  She organized the Casino trip that raised $2100 for RDH12 Fund for Sight!  She rocks.

I feel like I say this to Finley's Fighters all the time, but it never gets old.  We thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing to help our little girl.

Enjoy the pictures.  by the way - my mom is the one who took them.  Lets just say she has no patience for the camera.

Bullskin School 5th graders 

Bullskin School 5th graders

Another Bullskin Elementary School 5th grade

Toni Coles - a teacher at Bullskin School

Paula Grubach at the Redevelopment Authority

Attorney's from the Cordaro Law Offices in Connellsville - they held a fundraiser for Finley

Emily - a friend of the family

This is Sally Sparks - a family friend (her son and my brother have the same birthday!)

3rd Graders at Zach Connell Elementary School

Most Zac Connell 3rd Graders

1st graders at Zach Connell Elementary School 

More Zach Connell 3rd graders

4th Graders at St. Sebatians

Alesha - friend of the family

The St. Sebastian Cheerleaders who organized a fundraiser for Finley

In other news - Finley's doctor's appointment with the retinal specialist last Friday went pretty well.  Her vision is only slightly worse - hardly worth mentioning.  She went from 20/100 to 20/120 in both eyes.  So not bad at all.  The doctor wasn't concerned with that at all.  They did take more pictures of her retina, and didn't see any more black areas, which was good.  Confirmed that the macula were the most damaged, which is why she didn't have central vision.

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