Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arlington hijacks the blog

Arlington wrote a story after she drew this enormous picture today.  She was at Mat's job today with him, and he has a large white board in his office.  So - it kept her busy.  So - here is the story she wrote to go along with the picture.

The Pet Contest

"I hope we win Eli" Blossom said.  "Me too" said Eli, her pet fish.  Blossom had long orange hair, a black shell necklace, a crown because she was the princess, and a long green tail because she was a mermaid.  Eli has stripes that are orange and red, a sharp tail, and an outline or a blue fin.  They were going to The Royal Castle Pet contest.  As soon as she entered the castle, the pet contest begins.  There are five other pets there - a snail, a crab, a shark, an octopus, and a starfish.    Then the judge comes along.  The judge has brown hair, blue clothes, blue eyes, and some brown shoes.  He also has a striped tie.

The judge goes to the snail.  "Ah! You are a shiny fellow, aren't you Kep?" said the judge.  Next comes the crab "He's so red and cute.  What's his name?" the judge asked the owner.  "C" said the owner.  Then comes the shark.  "He has clean teeth!  Nice!" said the judge.  Then the shark named Stargy smelled the cut on the judge and went swimming really fast at him.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" screamed the judge.  The judge swam around the castle up and down the stairs.

"Help Him!" Blossom shouted the royal guard.  The royal guard chased him and Stargy all around.  They couldn't get him.  So Blossom shouted to the royal fireman and the doctor.  They chased them but they couldn't catch Stargy.  Finally she said to the owner "please stop your shark"

"Okay" the owner said.  "Stargy, get over here!" said the owner.  "I'm sorry" said Stargy to his owner.
  "You've been a bad boy.  Let's go" the owner said sadly to Stargy.  "Okay - I will never do that again" said Stargy.  Then they left.

"Whoo that tired me out" the judge said sweating.  Then he came to the Octopus, Starfish, and finally Blossom and Eli.  Eli and Blossom won first prize.  When she was in her room with Eli and her trophy she said "I hope that never happens again."  "Me too" Eli said.  "I'm really glad that we won".

"Me too!" said Blossom and then they went to sleep.  It has been a long day.

The End.

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