Friday, April 8, 2011

Visit to Pennsylvania

Today I drove 8 hours to my parents house  I was a little nervous about it at first - mostly because the GPS and I are not friends.  But I did it in 7 hours.  I only stopped once for gas and food and was in and out in 10 minutes.  And the car ride was so peaceful.  I listened to my book on tape the whole time and no one bothered me.  I cannot complain about that part.

Tonight I had a chance to visit with my brother AJ and sister in law, Tricia and my nephew Ethan.  One and only picture I remembered to take was of my little cutie nephew "E".
We had the Orlando and Hornick family over for a nice dinner and great conversation, so it was a nice night.  It was weird not to have Mat and the kids here, but this is going to be a busy weekend, so I know it would have been hard on the kids.

Tomorrow I will be attending the funeral Mass for Mat's Uncle Bob.  Then in the afternoon I will be going to my grandma's house to help clean.  And we will also be putting pictures together for her funeral service on Sunday.  It will be nice to spend time with family and friends this weekend.

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