Friday, April 15, 2011

Break time

Yay for the start of spring break!

Finley and Cainan had a pirated and princesses day at school today.  They were excited to wear costumes to school.
I didn't have a chance to take pictures of them this morning, so these pictures are post school.
I love their preschool - they are always doing these fun days for the kids.  The littles are going to miss going there when they go off to Kindergarten in the fall.
Arlington had softball practice this evening.  Normally practices are on the weekend, but with the spring break and people going away, the practice was moved.  This will probably be the last practice they have before games start in a week and a half.  She is looking forward to the season starting.  I am wishing they didn't have 3 games a week.

I met with Arlington's teacher today and got a great report about our girl.  We seem to be on the same page with her learning, and abilities.  Her teacher is wonderful and Arlington has a great year.  I must admit I was a bit wary having the brand new teacher for her this year, but it has worked out perfectly.  She has challenged Arlington, been patient with her, and has communicated well with us throughout the year.  And Arlington just adores her.  So it has been a great year.  With less than 50 days of school left, I can't believe we are starting the talk about 3rd grade.  Arlington!  3rd grader!  So hard to believe.

By the way - we have had a visitor over the last couple of days - a couple of times from Illinois searching for RDH12 LCA.  If you come back - please contact us.  Do you have a family member with RDH12?  We would love to talk to you.  You can read more about RDH12 in general at or you can contact us by sending us an email at  OR you can call us at 951-97-RDH12.  We want to hear from you.  We are a great group and have started great success for RDH12 research, and we want you to be a part of that success.

This goes for anyone who wants to get in contact with us.  You can reach us any time at the email and phone number above.  We love hearing from you.

We are off for the next 9 days.  We are hoping to spend it relaxing, playing outside, and doing short outings.  It is nice to have a break when the weather is starting to get nicer.

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