Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lacrosse and fat lips

Today was Arlington's first day at Lacrosse.
Sorry the pictures are a little off.  I had to sit far away and couldn't zoom as much as I would like.  Plus - I think my camera might be getting old and tired.
  If it wasn't 37 degrees (not kidding about that temperature) and windy, it would have been a much more enjoyable hour and a half for us.
 But she really did have a good time, despite the cold.  Lacrosse is going to be tricky to learn, so both she and I paid close attention right from the start.
They started with warm ups, which were fun to watch the little ones do.

At least all the jumping around helped them stay warm.
Then they learned a few drills.  Arlington and I will be spending some time this week practicing.
She was really into it - knew what she needed to work on and was excited to get home and try it some more.

We did have to hit a sporting goods store afterwards to pick up a lacrosse ball and a smaller mouth guard.  For as much as Arlington talks, her mouth is quite small.  Amazing that all the words she spouts everyday fit out that small little pie hole.

Poor little Finley fell today in the playroom and hurt her mouth. (okay - from my post title - did you think I might be talking about ANYONE else??)
Doesn't she look wonderful?  It actually looks better after an afternoon of putting ice on it, but still puffy.  Mat was walking on the treadmill and Finley was walking behind it.  With her limited site, she misjudged it and stepped on the back of it.  IT sent her flying and she hit her mouth on the floor.
That poor girl has so many accidents.  Stinking LCA.  I hate how much she hurts herself.
 By this evening, it did look better.  Hopefully by tomorrow the swelling will be down more.  We nursed it with ice for most of the afternoon and that seemed to help.  And tonight, she has all but forgotten about it.

Thus ends day one of our spring break.  Tomorrow - we hope to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  This cold weather has to go.

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