Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring fever

Today was a beautiful day outside.
We were so happy to get outside and enjoy sunshine this afternoon.  I couldn't drag the kids in - they were outside with us for hours.

We had a chance to start preparing our yard for planting new flowers.  A few of our plants didn't survive the winter, or the moles, so we will be replacing them.
Mat had a chance to practice lacrosse with Arlington.  They spent a long time practicing some of the new things she learned.  And then they played softball for awhile.  The littles tried to get in on the action, and I think Mat had them chasing the ball for him.  Suckers.  Arlington needs the most practice with batting, and today she was doing very well hitting the ball.

The kids were also happy to swing and play in the sand box.  I think they spent two solid hours in the sand box alone.  It is my least favorite thing, but the kids love it.
Mat and I got a lot of yard work done while the kids played, and by dinner time, we were ready to come in.  The kids got early baths, and got to eat dinner and watch TV in their pajamas before going to bed.

Tonight, though, Cainan wasn't feeling well.  After dinner he started to complain that he was cold (which he never is) and his stomach was hurting.  He asked to go and lay down in bed.  I went up with him.  I couldn't convince him to just let me sit and hold him and watch TV.  So we read about 8 books.  By then, I asked him if he wanted to come down with me and watch some TV before bed.  He said okay, and when I went to pick him up - he was burning up.  I took his temperature and he was 102!  No wonder he wasn't feeling well.  So after some medication, and some cuddles, he went to bed.  By 7:15 he was asleep.  Hopefully he will be feeling better by tomorrow morning.
Cainan was going to go to school tomorrow, but now he will be staying home with me.  That is okay.  Hopefully if he rests he will feel better in a few days.  I just hope he doesn't share it with his sisters.

Finley's lip is better today.  Still swollen and sore, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Poor girl.  And today, Mat was opening the fridge door, and was getting things out, and she didn't see it.  she walked right into it.  She is starting to worry me.  She didn't get upset, and she wasn't hurt.  But she didn't see two very big objects in two days.
Tomorrow is a fun day.  We are going to a seeing eye dog class with Finley.  I was going to just take Arlington and Finley because 1) Cainan isn't a big fan of strange dogs and 2) 2 are easier to handle than 3.  But Cainan will be coming along since he can't go to school.  I just hope he feels well enough to go along - we have been anxious for this class for awhile.

See you tomorrow!
By the way - Huntley, Illinois - come out of hiding!! Do you have a child with LCA?

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Frank and Teen said...

Love the pictures of the kids! Can't wait to hear how the class goes about the seeing eye dogs and I hope Cainan was feeling better today!!