Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring break this and that

Monday we went to a class with Finley about seeing eye dogs.  I took all three kids with me and they had a great time.  Arlington especially loved spending time with the dogs.  They even got to see a puppy.  It was a 2 hour class and I am glad we went.  After the class we got some lunch and headed home.  Cainan wasn't feeling that great Monday afternoon, so we came home to relax.  His fever had come back so he wasn't able to go to Karate.

We also did some outside play and some gardening on Monday as well.  While Cainan rested, the girls and I were outside.  They rode their bikes and drew with chalk while I cleaned up a little more of the plants and gardening area.  Spring cleaning the yard is not my favorite job, but it looks so much better when it is done.

Yesterday was a down day - we didn't have anywhere to be.  Unfortunately it rained all day, so we couldn't go outside to play.  The kids were getting a bit bored inside, but we made it.  Cainan wasn't feeling well still - still had the on and off again fever, so we laid low.

We did have a local paper come and do and interview, video, and pictures last night, and that was fun.  They are running a story about Finley and our Fund, of course, and are doing it now because of our upcoming breakfast fundraiser on May 7th.  They were here for a couple of hours.  The story was going to run on the front page this weekend, so I will be anxious to see it when it comes out.  I will share the story once I can get it in the right format.  We have another paper doing an article as well - hopefully sometime next week.  These papers had seen the article that was done in our local paper a few weeks back and have contacted us about doing an article in their paper as well.  It is nice to get the word out about LCA and our quest for a cure.

Today Finley had an orientation and movement session at T@rget.  Cainan was still running a fever last night - it was up to 103 - and this morning 101.  So I thought after 4 days of fever - time to have him checked out.  We had an appointment for later in the morning.  I was hoping we would find out what has been going with him - but everything was negative.  No strep, no flu, no ear infection, no chest infection, no sinus infection.  Just a nasty virus, I guess.  The doctor said if he isn't better by Friday to come back.  So now we just wait.

I wish I had pictures to share with you from today, but sadly, I didn't not take out my camera.  I am hoping that we will be going outside tomorrow, so I should be able to take pictures of my happy children playing outside and not whining about the weather holding them hostage indoors.

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