Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saying goodbye

Today we said Goodbye to Nanny.
The funeral was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I thought I was ready.  But I wasn't, and finally felt it was okay.  My sister in law Tricia always gets me started.  I hate seeing other people upset, and that made it even worse.
But it was a beautiful service.  We arrived about an hour before the service to set up all the pictures and help my Aunt Sally get the church ready.  It was nice to be a part of the service from beginning to end.

I had a chance to visit with relatives I haven't seen in years.  People I wish I would spend more time with.

My dad spoke.  My brother spoke.  My grandma's best friend spoke.  Everyone spoke about how they new her, how they loved her, and how much they will miss her.
The personal stories were the best and the worst.  It was the hardest part of the service, but also a chance to remember all the wonderful memories we have of Nanny.

After the service there was a lovely dinner in the hall right next to the church after the service.  And by 6:30pm, everyone was gone, and we were ready to come home.

A good day and a sad day all in one.  But now, Nanny would say "move on" and get on with your lives.  She is in Heaven watching out for us.

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