Saturday, April 30, 2011

Softball games begin

Today Arlington had her first softball game.
She insisted on posing several different ways before she left the game.
She kept saying "just one more!"  But I had to finally shoo her out the door.
She had a great first game.  Even after she had 1 1/2 hours of lacrosse this morning, she was ready to go for her game this afternoon.  I think she will sleep well tonight.
She hit the ball 3 times up to bat, and only got out once!  This is a big improvement from last year.  She has pretty good hand/eye coordination, and now that she is a bit older, it shows.
She scored 3 times as well.  She was pretty excited to tell me that they won the game when she got home.
And she got those white uniform pants nice and dirty, just like she should.  She is going to be a sports girl, I think.  Not dainty I am afraid.
She even got a chance to be the catcher.

She looks pretty hilarious with all of that stuff on.  But she likes wearing it.
So a good day.  After she got home from her game, she and her brother and sister played outside for an hour.  She is non-stop energy that girl.

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Anonymous said...

she looks so grown up and very much a true athlete-love Grammy