Monday, April 18, 2011

Makes it all worth it

 Today in the mail, I received a CD of pictures from the University of Penn's photographer.  The day we were there in March, she took many wonderful pictures.  She wrote her article, and then sent me a copy of all the photos that she took that day.
After staring at Finley's lip for the last few days, knowing that she did that because she doesn't see well, and after attending a seeing eye dog class with her knowing that very well could be in her future, it made me smile to look at those pictures.

As upsetting as it is to see Finley's sight continue to diminish, I know that this group of people is working hard to stop her from going completely blind.  I look at their faces, see that our RDH12 Fund for Sight magnet now hangs on the fridge in their lab, and know they think about our kids every day.  And hopefully work twice as hard to find what we need to give our kids back their vision.

So - even though I took most of these same pictures the day we were there - I would like to share what the photographer took.  The large group of people who work for Dr. Bennett.  The people who we met that day who now know our kids faces, and their stories.  RDH12 research has taken on a whole new perspective now that they have met Finley, Bella, and Abigail, and know about Bill and Lily.  We made it real for them that day - we showed them RDH12 in our kids and how it has changed our families forever.

So enjoy the pictures.  Look at their faces and know that everyday, they think about RDH12 and all the money YOU all helped us raise to get to this day. 
Okay - this is the whole lab and the families.  Dr. Bennett is in the middle - in red, along with Dr. O'Brien (chairman to opthomology department)  Also Dr. Bennett's mom and her daughter were there.

This is the dog that was cured of LCA before the humans were.  Isn't he cute?  His name was Mercury. He was a wild man!

Dr. Bennett and Dr. coloring with the kids - they stayed at the kid's table the whole time

Coloring away with Dr. O'Brien

Time for a lab tour.  The kids were very excited about the gloves

Dr. Bennett giving them dry ice

Dr. Bennett and all the kids.

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